Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday Sewing At Vickie's

Yesterday after work I loaded up that heavy sewing machine and a few projects that I want to get done and headed to a full afternoon of sewing with good buds Vickie and Jamie.  When I arrived I began getting my projects out and the other 2 gals said "Hold On...we are starved for lunch so lets eat!"  We had a great beef stroganoff made by Vickie.  Okay now to get out my first project.

Last weekend I went to visit my daughter at college and I talked her into stopping at a couple of quilt shops.  I found this great bag pattern and bought the 4 fat quarters that I thought would make a great bag for me.  Grabbed a zipper to coordinate.  The pattern was so easy to follow!  It did say that the bag takes about 3 hours to make but I guess the pattern designer hasn't sewn with Vickie or Jamie.  We laugh too much and yak it up.  We usually have a movie going on the TV, so we can get distracted and watch the TV and pause the sewing just a bit!   Anyway, I started the bag around 1:30 and I got done with it at 8:45 that night.  3 hours?  I think that gal was crazy!  7 hours later, 2 twilight movies, brats for supper, a chocolate milkshake run to the dairy queen and the movie Brulesque...I completed my new purse!  It turned out so stinking cute!

I also purchased a pattern to make to make a key fob that holds lipstick, chap stick or something like that.  I made one to match my bag and that took until 10:30.  I left Vickie's about 11.  What a night!  I love it when I start and finish a project all in one day.  I was grinning from ear to ear about my new purse.  I really don't like to put in zippers but it gets easier every time I do so.

No sewing for me today...I have a wedding shower this afternoon for my niece Rachel.  My mom and I are going to travel to Avoca, Iowa today for that.  It is about a hour and a half drive and the shower starts a 2.  Really cramps my sewing style!  Good thing I got done with all I did yesterday.

This week I have been working on my "Jelly Bean" quilt kit that I got about 3 years ago.  I have all the pieces made and the top laid out.  I just have to stare it a while and move the blocks around until I am absolutely happy with it and then I will put it all together.  Below is the blocks laid out on my floor.  What do you think?

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