Sunday, April 29, 2012

Saturday Sewing At Vickie's

Yesterday after work I loaded up that heavy sewing machine and a few projects that I want to get done and headed to a full afternoon of sewing with good buds Vickie and Jamie.  When I arrived I began getting my projects out and the other 2 gals said "Hold On...we are starved for lunch so lets eat!"  We had a great beef stroganoff made by Vickie.  Okay now to get out my first project.

Last weekend I went to visit my daughter at college and I talked her into stopping at a couple of quilt shops.  I found this great bag pattern and bought the 4 fat quarters that I thought would make a great bag for me.  Grabbed a zipper to coordinate.  The pattern was so easy to follow!  It did say that the bag takes about 3 hours to make but I guess the pattern designer hasn't sewn with Vickie or Jamie.  We laugh too much and yak it up.  We usually have a movie going on the TV, so we can get distracted and watch the TV and pause the sewing just a bit!   Anyway, I started the bag around 1:30 and I got done with it at 8:45 that night.  3 hours?  I think that gal was crazy!  7 hours later, 2 twilight movies, brats for supper, a chocolate milkshake run to the dairy queen and the movie Brulesque...I completed my new purse!  It turned out so stinking cute!

I also purchased a pattern to make to make a key fob that holds lipstick, chap stick or something like that.  I made one to match my bag and that took until 10:30.  I left Vickie's about 11.  What a night!  I love it when I start and finish a project all in one day.  I was grinning from ear to ear about my new purse.  I really don't like to put in zippers but it gets easier every time I do so.

No sewing for me today...I have a wedding shower this afternoon for my niece Rachel.  My mom and I are going to travel to Avoca, Iowa today for that.  It is about a hour and a half drive and the shower starts a 2.  Really cramps my sewing style!  Good thing I got done with all I did yesterday.

This week I have been working on my "Jelly Bean" quilt kit that I got about 3 years ago.  I have all the pieces made and the top laid out.  I just have to stare it a while and move the blocks around until I am absolutely happy with it and then I will put it all together.  Below is the blocks laid out on my floor.  What do you think?

Getting some projects done!

2 weekends ago I went to Vickie's house.  Jamie, Vickie and I spent all afternoon and evening Saturday sewing and again all day on Sunday.  I got done the following projects.

Jamie had made some cute bags and was showing us them on Saturday.  When we arrived to sew on Sunday she whips out some oil cloth and zippers and says we are all going to make a bag.  I use mine for makeup and love it!

Saturday I finished up my May 12" block of the month that I get from Merries Stitches in Jesup, Iowa.  It turned out so cute...hopefully we will see some rain in May because we have been a bit dry here in Iowa.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Many Projects Started

I have about 3 projects started at the same time...maybe I should just finish one and then cross it off my list!  Good Grief!  I exhaust myself!  I have been working on a quilt using a jelly roll and didn't really know what I was going to do with it.  I purchased it so long ago that I don't really like the fabric that much any more.  As luck would have it, my nephew just announced the birth of his first child so I am going to make this his baby quilt.  Little Owen was born Saturday April 7th -- 8 lbs and 8 oz.  22 inches long.  What a treasure he turned out to be!  When I get it done - hopefully by Tuesday I will post a photo. 

I have a couple of tops all pieced and just waiting for me to quilt.  I have been quilting along with Leah Day and also Sew Cal Gal this year.  So my "quilting" time has been tied up.  Which is okay because I am learning a lot more about free motion quilting and I think when I do get time quilt the tops I will be better at it and like the quilts much more. 

Some friends and myself are going to Harlan, IA to a trunk show at a quilt shop next Thursday.  I am sure I will find something that I can not live without...It's a Sickness!