Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A look into my sewing room...

I had posted on my first blog about my friend and I adding up our projects and challenging each other to get to work on those old projects.  I had counted 99 before I left for Houston in 2011.  Well you know you can't go all the way to Houston on a bus trip from Iowa and not buy anything!
I purchased 10 new projects while I was down there making my total 109 projects!  I am excited to say that I listed all my projects on the left side of blog and numbered them.  I now have 95 unfinished projects!  I finished a lot of projects in November, December and January and I am so proud of myself!  I am in a 12" block of the month program again this year and my next block is supposed to come in the mail tomorrow.  So...I will be back to 96 when that arrives.  Since I started the FMQ Challenge I haven't been working on my projects like I should...I have been practicing my FMQing.  Oh shoot, I just remembered that I am making a quilt as you go quilt from taking the 2012 FMQ Challenge so I guess that makes my number go up one more!
Like I said...It's a sickness!

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  1. Shelly Oh my goodness you certainly do have the UFOS. I manage an UFO/WIP and New Projects 2012 challenge and we have one gal who has 35 which I thought was many. You have her beat! Thank you for becoming a follower!